Returns a static SVG of the analyst ratings as a distribution chart.


This endpoint delivers a bar chart visualizing analyst sentiment for a particular asset. It presents five recommendation types: “Strong Buy”, “Buy”, “Hold”, “Sell”, “Strong Sell”, and the number of analysts for each recommendation. If the asset’s previous rating is requested and available, the visual will overlay previous and current rating information and display the rating delta. This service only supports equity asset types.

Response fields

svgstring | nullContains SVG composed as a string. Null on failure.
messagestring | nullIndicates if request failed because of invalid colors or missing rating data. Null on success.
assetAsset ObjectContains ticker, name, market, asset type, and atomAssetId for the requested asset

Sample rendered SVG

The SVG was produced from the following POST body

               "identifier": "ticker",
               "assetType": "equity",
               "market": "USA",
               "value": "TSLA"
     "font": "Roboto Condensed",
     "fontColor": "white",
     "showPrevious": true
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