About thematic lists

Atom's thematic lists can be used for creating discovery experiences within your app. In contrast to daily lists, the contents of thematic lists rarely change throughout the day. While daily lists are meant to reflect events and market activity, thematic lists are built around longer-term trends, themes, and fundamental characteristics of the assets themselves. These lists may still be periodically updated depending on evolving market trends, new asset additions, etc. In addition, new lists may be created, and old ones may be retired, depending on evolving market themes and trends.

Thematic list collections

Thematic lists are grouped into the following collections based on their construction characteristics:

Collection nameDescriptionExamplesIncluded Asset Types
Themes & trendsThese lists are based on general themes that are popular in markets, not on rigid industry classificationsMeme stocks, remote work, China tech, SaaS companies, gig economy, renewable energy, etc.Equity/funds
IndustriesCategorical lists based on standard sector and industry classificationsAirlines, banking, oil, gas, etc.Equity/funds
Equity sectorsLists of companies based on the 11 major sectors of the economyTechnology, consumer cyclicals, consumer non-cyclicals, financials, etc.Equity/funds
Crypto categoriesLists of crypto assets based on shared characteristics, themes, or use casesEthereum ecosystem, metaverse tokens, DeFi, etc.Crypto

Using thematic lists

Atom provides two endpoints specifically for thematic lists:

  1. Get lists: Used to get the names, descriptions, and list IDs of thematic lists.
  2. List details: Used to get the constituents of a list.

In addition, each of the following asset overview endpoints include a lists object in their responses. Each of these includes a name for display and a listId which can be passed into List Details if needed.

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