We offer an intuitive search endpoint that adapts to users' behavioral patterns. It returns relevant results to a wide range of query types, including tickers, company names, and other descriptive information. For example, if a user wants to search for electric car companies and enters "electric car," Atom's search will return relevant stocks such as Tesla, Rivian, Nio, and more.

You may pass the optional searchCriteria option. The searchCriteria option will refine your search to match your query based on the the provided criteria. If no searchCriteria is provided, an "Enhanced" search is preformed.

NameQuery is matched based on a stock's name.
TickerQuery is matched based on a stock's ticker.
EnhancedThis is the broadest possible search.
In this case, your query is matched based on a stock's: name, ticker, description, industry, or other other parameters.
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