Returns a static SVG image of a bar chart with Revenue and Earnings history and projections.

This endpoint is currently in beta. BETA

About this chart

This endpoint returns an SVG bar chart showing the data returned by the Equity earnings endpoint.

How it works

The revenue-earnings-barchart endpoint will return an SVG of up to the previous three quarters of revenue and EPS, as well as one future (estimated) quarter of revenue and EPS. The following image is the result of these parameters:

  "asset": {
    "value": "TWTR",
    "identifier": "ticker",
    "assetType": "equity",
    "market": "USA"
  "width": 600,
  "height": 300,
   "earningsColor": "#AC5BBE",
   "revenueColor": "#5FC0F0",
   "estimatedEarningsColor": "#4A3A58",
   "estimatedRevenueColor": "#3B4E62",
   "fontFamily": "D-Din Exp",
   "fontColor": "white",
   "fontSize": 10

The SVG will grow or shrink to fits its container, with the fixed aspect ratio that it was provided via width or height, or a 1:1 ratio as default. However, the text size will be generated within the given or default width and height. It is recommended to pass in pixel values based on your rendering container for width and height to ensure that the fontSize value is appropriately reflected. The bar chart responds to instances of negative EPS as well, such as the following:

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