Endpoints that support pagination can be queried using the pagination options defined below.
Passing the pagination object in the request body is optional and defaults will be used instead.
The defaults for sort and order are specific per [endpoint](#Paginated endpoints).

Pagination parameters

(NOTE: Search endpoint only accepts the parameters page and limit in the pagination object)

pagerequired start at 1
limitoptional default 10 max 1000
sortoptional see endpoint for default and sort options
orderoptional default to ASC for text values and DESC for numeric values

API Example: Stocks daily list

     "listId": "top-winners",
     "markets": [
     "pagination": {
          "page": 1,
          "limit": 10,
          "sort": "name",
          "order": "ASC"

The response will include the total number of available items as total.

  "top-winners": [
    // list content
  "total": 12  

Paginated endpoints