Welcome to Atom Finance's API Reference. This documentation covers everything you need to know about using our endpoints. Atom offers a wide variety of investment research tools to serve your specific business needs. The three categories are:

1. Platform API

Atom's Platform API allows for the retrieval of data, content and certain UI components for use within any application. This API is language-agnostic, and our documentation for each endpoint provides template code for testing and guidance. You can use these endpoints for a wide variety of use cases such as, but not limited to:

  • Adding smart, forgiving search functionality to your app.
  • Building an asset-specific page, with overview info, financials, estimates, peers, and more.
  • Designing a markets/discovery page based on what's happening in the market on a given day.
  • Creating a generic or custom news feed based on topic or asset-specific criteria.
  • Pulling price snapshots or price history, which is useful for building price charts.

Note on API verbs

All of Atom's endpoints use the POST verb, regardless of whether they're simply retrieving data or seeking to update something. We've done this to make it easier to pass in body parameters consistently across languages.

2. Server-to-server API

The server-to-server API is used to send user-specific information to our servers, powering user-specific features like portfolio analytics and watchlists. Like the Platform API, this API is language-agnostic.

3. Embedded UI SDKs

Atom's SDKs for web, Android, and iOS allow developers to add Atom's embedded UI components to your mobile app or website.

Getting started with a trial API key

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