Used to get the metadata for the currently supported lists in a given collection.

This endpoint is used to get the metadata for the currently supported lists in a given collection. Thematic lists may be created, updated, or retired depending on evolving market trends, new asset additions, etc. over time.

List collections

Thematic lists are grouped into the following collections based on their construction characteristics:

Collection nameDescriptionExamplesIncluded Asset Types
Themes & trendsThese lists are based on general themes that are popular in markets, not on rigid industry classificationsMeme stocks, remote work, China tech, SaaS companies, gig economy, renewable energy, etc.Equity/
IndustriesCategorical lists based on standard sector and industry classificationsAirlines, banking, oil, gas, etc.Equity/
Equity sectorsLists of companies based on the 11 major sectors of the economyTechnology, consumer cyclicals, consumer non-cyclicals, financials, etc.Equity/
Crypto categoriesLists of crypto assets based on shared characteristics, themes, or use casesEthereum ecosystem, metaverse tokens, DeFi, etc.Crypto

Getting the details & constituents for a list

Once you've used this endpoint to retrieve the list IDs for a given collection, you can choose which lists you'd like to display on your product. To get the full details for any given thematic list, please see the List details endpoint.

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