Returns a general overview about the requested asset.

About equity overview

This endpoint returns general information about a single equity asset, including descriptive information, quick stats, market data, and other high-level financial data. It can be used to create an asset page and can be paired with one or more of the endpoints in Prices for current price and price charting.


Response fields

See the glossary for more field descriptions

assetMetadata for the queried asset
generalInformationdescription, sub-brands, sector, industry, CEO, logo, & exchange of the asset
listsArray of Thematic lists the asset belongs to
marketDataCurrent market data including 52-week high, market-cap, next earnings date etc. See the glossary for an explanation of these fields
earningsEarnings data for the previous 4 quarters
valuationValuation ratios such as price/earnings
financialsConsensus and actual values for revenue, ebit, ebitda etc.
atomAssetIdSee Using atomAssetId
reportingCurrencyAsset's reporting currency code
earnings.fyFiscal year
earnings.fqFiscal quarter (1-4)
earnings.differenceDifference between the actual EPS and the estimated EPS for the quarter
earnings.endPeriodThe month and year in which the fiscal quarter ends
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