Returns a list of company events for an equity asset.

About Equity Events

The outcome of events such as earnings releases can have a large effect on a stock's price, so it's useful for investors to know when those events are. Some events have documents associated with them, such as earnings transcripts or presentation. In these cases, the endpoint will provide a reference to the document for inclusion in your product.


Event types

Events are classified according to the following types. Note that many of these are quite rare, so the most common events are typically related to earnings, presentations/conferences, and dividends.

  • BrokerageAnalystCalls
  • BrokerageAnalystMeetings
  • CompanyVisits
  • ConferencePresentations
  • Conferences
  • CorporateAnalystMeetings
  • CorporateCallsAndPresentations
  • EarningsCallsAndPresentations
  • EarningsReleases
  • ExDividends
  • GeneralAndPoliticalEvents
  • GuidanceCallsAndPresentations
  • IpoFilings
  • IpoLockupExpirations
  • IpoPricings
  • MergerAndAcquisitionCallsAndPresentations
  • OtherCorporate
  • SalesAndTradingStatementCallsAndPresentations
  • SalesAndTradingStatementReleases
  • SecondaryFilings
  • SecondaryPricings
  • SecondaryWithdrawals
  • ShareholderAndAnnualMeetings
  • StockSplits
  • SyndicateRoadshows

Response fields

See the glossary for more field descriptions

eventIdAtom assigns a unique id to each event
assetsMetadata for assets related to an event
eventTypeSee Event types
nameEvent name
documentsArray of documents related to the event
documentIdThis can be used to retrieve a document using the Get Document by Id endpoint
dateDate & time of an event in Unix milliseconds
fyFiscal year associated with an earnings event
fqFiscal quarter (1-4) associated with an earnings event. fq=0 indicates that the event is associated with the entire fiscal year rather than with a specific quarter (eg. for an annual earnings event).
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