Get quarterly & annual earnings data for an asset.

About Equity Earnings

This endpoint returns earnings results and historical consensus data for the previous 3 quarters/years, as well as consensus data for the next 3 quarters/years. The results are organized into 4 arrays:

  • previousQuarters
  • previousYears
  • futureQuarters
  • futureYears

Each earnings period will have an fq (fiscal quarter) and fy (fiscal year) value attached. The fq value will be in the range 1-4, or will be set to 0 when the period represents the earnings data for a full fiscal year.

Each earnings period will include eps values, revenue values, and the date of the earnings event, as well as several valuation ratios and growth percentages. Note that for financial stocks, a different set of valuation and growth metrics will be returned.

Embedded Visual Component

Atom also offers an endpoint for the Revenue and Earnings Bar Chart. It returns the data from this Equity Earnings endpoint as a pre-generated image formatted to your custom specifications.

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