Atom supports tens of thousands of equities across markets, and we're constantly adding more. Our data goes through a rigorous process of standardization, normalization, and mapping in order to make sure it's presented in the most useful way.

We combine Atom's proprietary equity data with datasets from our partners. We carefully choose the highest quality data points from across the market and combine them to minimize gaps and errors. We enrich the data with our calculation engine, carefully accounting for edge cases by normalizing chart and portfolio data for dividends, stock splits, market calendar irregularities, and more. The result is a feed of data that "just works," so you can plug it into your platform and focus on what's important to your business.

Equity Endpoints

Equity overview: Returns a general overview of the requested asset.
Financials: Returns a general overview of the requested asset.
Analyst estimates: Returns estimates for an equity's future performance and growth.
Company events: Returns a list of company events for an equity asset.
Analyst ratings: Returns a summary of the two most recent equity analyst ratings for a company.
Equity earnings: Get quarterly & annual earnings data for an asset.

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