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This guide will show you how to build your own fund asset page for ETFs using Atom's platform APIs. Your fund asset page can be customized using pricing data, fund overviews, fund composition data, and fund holdings data. For inspiration, check out Atom's consumer app. The same data, content, and tools that we used to build our apps are available to you via our API. Here's a few screenshots of how we laid out our fund pages on our web app:


Add streaming prices

First, add trade metadata like current price, bid, ask, and volume to the stock page. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Using streaming prices: This allows your app to update trade metadata in real time as new trades come in throughout the day. To do this, please refer to the Streaming prices endpoint.

  2. Polling for price as needed: If you don't need real-time trade updates and would like to poll trades at your own cadence (e.g., on page load or every minute), please refer to the Price snapshot endpoint.

Be sure to set the Asset Type to fund when calling price data for ETFs.

Add a historical price chart

ETF price charts can be built using the Price history endpoint. For the most "live" effect, consider combining this with Streaming prices to create a chart that always shows the latest data point in real time.

Add fund overviews

Next, add details such as a description of the fund, market cap, fund assets under management, portfolio manager, and more to give your users a high-level overview of the ETF.

The ETF Overview endpoint returns general information about a single ETF asset, including administrative information, quick stats, fee data, and more.


Add fund holdings

To add transparency into the underlying holdings of an ETF, use the Fund Holdings endpoint to add the top 10 holdings of the fund, including various market data and price information.


This endpoint automatically returns the top 10 holdings of a given ETF. For full fund holdings, please reach out to your account representative or contact us.

Add fund composition

Pair your fund holdings with an asset or sector breakdown to give your users an overview of fund diversity. Use the Fund Composition endpoint to call sector and asset class breakdown information for an ETF .

You can visualize these breakdowns to give users a high-level overview of their fund allocations at a quick glance. The Fund Composition Donut Charts endpoint returns separate donut chart SVG strings for a fund's asset distribution and sector exposure.

These donut charts are customizable to match your color scheme. Use the optional "assetClassColors" and "sectorColors" parameters to select from an array of colors.

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