Add earnings analysis


Every quarter, public companies are required to file financial earnings reports with the SEC to provide transparency into the health of the business for their shareholders. When the actual results don't match the values estimated by equity research analysts, it can result in large movements in stock prices. Prepare investors in advance by understanding expectations and providing access to earnings results as soon as they are released.

Atom's API provides timely data and news on earnings reports, as well as related documents and pre-generated visuals. These are formatted in a way that makes it simple and straightforward to add comprehensive, useful earnings context to your app.

Add earnings data

We provide the raw earnings data as a JSON response object via our Equity earnings endpoint. This allows you to format and display the data however you would like. You can either display the data directly or use it to create a headline for the earnings event, like the one in Atom's flagship application shown here:


Add a visual earnings component

You may want to add a chart component to enable users to visualize a company's earnings performance. We make it easy to do this with our Revenue and Earnings Bar Chart endpoint. This allows you to specify colors, fonts, and other design characteristics to match your app, and returns a pre-generated SVG image of Atom's chart, complete with the latest historical (actual) and future (estimated) earnings data.


Add earnings event information

Our Equity events endpoint provides the time, title, and type of each event, including earnings events. This endpoint can be used to create an event calendar on your application. For past events, we also provide a documentId of the associated transcript and/or earnings presentation once they are available.


Add earnings-related news

You can use our News feed endpoint to easily add a feed of earnings-related news. This can be a feed of all earnings-related news or earnings news for a specific asset. In order to do this, first set the newsType parameter in the News feed endpoint to "Earnings", and then add one or more asset (if you want to filter to those assets), or leave the asset field blank (if you want all earnings-related news).

Include earnings-related documents

When companies report earnings, they almost always host an earnings call in which the management team comments on their performance and answers questions from equity research experts. They also file standardized reports with the SEC detailing required operational and financial performance metrics. Atom provides all of these documents via our Documents endpoint, making it easy for you to give your users access to the same first-party reports that wall street uses to analyze earnings performance.

Additional data for more advanced users

More sophisticated users may want to dig further into past financial performance and future expectations. In addition to the endpoints described in this guide, Atom provides detailed historical financials data as well as analyst consensus estimates, company guidance and analyst actions. For more on these topics, see our Equity financials and Equity estimates endpoints.

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