Build a Markets or Discover page


A markets or discover page is an easy way to give your users a high-level overview of daily stock market trends. You can combine any features you'd like to personalize your markets or discovery page. For inspiration, check out Atom's consumer app. We've created our homepage out of a market index chart, a series of daily and thematic lists, and daily news. The same data, content, and tools that we used to build our apps are available to you via our API.

Build a Market Index Chart

First, add a market index chart to your markets or discover page. The Atom app market index chart is comprised of the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, and Dow ETFs. You can customize your market index chart using any ETFs you'd like, and can match the chart to your UI.

ETF price charts can be built using the Price history endpoint. For the most "live" effect, consider combining this with Streaming prices to create a chart that always shows the latest data point in real time.


Add Daily Market Lists

Atom has created a series of pre-built dynamic lists centered around the theme, "What's going on in the market today?". You can integrate as many or as few of these lists as you'd like using the Daily Lists endpoint.

These lists are updated throughout the day to match the criteria of the list. For example, the new all-time highs list is updated in real-time to reflect the all-time highs at that moment. Your users will want to regularly re-engage with your app to stay up to date with this consistent stream of new information.


Atom provides two endpoints for daily lists, broken out by asset type. To learn more, check out Crypto daily lists and Stock daily lists.

Add Thematic Lists

Thematic lists provide a discovery experience built around longer-term trends, themes, and fundamental characteristics of the assets themselves. These lists may be periodically updated depending on evolving market trends, new asset additions, etc. but do not update in real time.

Atom's thematic lists are broken down into four collections: Themes & Trends, Industries, Equity Sectors, and Crypto Categories. Examples of popular thematic lists are technology, airlines, gig economy, and meme stocks.

To add thematic lists you'll need to use two endpoints:

  1. Get lists endpoint This endpoint provides the names, descriptions, and list IDs of thematic lists.
  2. List details endpoint This endpoint provides the constituents of a list

You'll need to first use the Get lists endpoint to obtain all of the listIds that fit a certain collection. Then plug the listids into the List details endpoint to obtain the assets and descriptions for that list.

Add a Search function

Allow your users to own their personal discovery by adding a search function to your app. Atom's search endpoint is intuitive and adapts to users' behavioral patterns. It returns relevant results to a wide range of query types, including tickers, company names, and other descriptive information.

For example, if a user wants to search for electric car companies and enters "electric car," Atom's search will return relevant stocks such as Tesla, Rivian, Nio, and more.

To get started, check out our Search endpoint. You have the option to pass 'Name', 'Ticker', or 'Enhanced' into the searchCriteria field. If you pass Name or Ticker into this field, the search function will search for the exact name or ticker of the asset. If you pass Enhanced into this field, a broad search based on a stock's name, ticker, description, industry, or other other parameters is performed.

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